What hides behind your sorrows?

What hides behind your illusion of hardness, the illusion that seas of endless sorrow dissolve, over time?

What treasure remains unclaimed in the saltiness of your tears?

What would happen if you were to connect with what is hidden behind the fear to share more of yourself with the world?

What do you really have to lose?

You might be shocked at your own brilliance, hidden behind the illusion of hardness.

Would you be shocked to find your brilliance contains softness and openness, like a pearl?

Venus the goddess of Love is in the last degree of Pisces today separating from an unusually long  “square aspect” to Saturn the god of Time. Squares are 90 degrees angles that represent 360 degrees of a circle divided by four. Four is a number of manifestation, and solidity.  i.e. there are 4 legs on a table.  The “square aspect” tension has built something related to Limits (Saturn), and Value(Venus), in our individual and collective minds.  Pisces is a sign of sorrow, sadness, imprisonment and self-undoing.  Sagittarius is the sign of higher learning, wisdom and philosophy.  The first of Buddha’s noble truth’s, suffering is a universal human condition; we all suffer.  This aphorism expresses a very Piscean and Sagittarian quality; Wisdom has a relationship with suffering.

Right now certain deadlocked situations are eroding and dissolving.  Tears may have been involved on both sides.  Tears like the salty sea of the ocean can devour and corrode massive ships over time.  Tears can also bring us closer together.  When the Titanic went down everyone huddled together for higher ground, comfort and a need to be loved.  Even if it is for the last Time.

Taking the time out of your day to express compassion to a human being could brighten someone’s day. Time is the greatest gift you can offer in a city like New York.  From a very young age we are trained  in the formula, Time = Money.  Whereas Time being limited and most Acts of Kindness are non monetary.  Acts of Kindness could be in low supply and high demand throughout New York and even the world.  From the science of economics we infer, Acts of Kindness have a high price.  They only cost you your Time.  Therefore Acts of Kindness contain tremendous inherent value.  In Mergers and Acquisitions accounting Goodwill is defined the excess of a purchase price over the book value of the net assets in a business.  This excess of value in a Act of Kindness over the cost represents Goodwill.  Financial goodwill is defined on balance sheets as intangible assets; human goodwill behaves similarly.

What challenges this potential Act of Kindness transaction is the improper value of your time.

For example, ” I don’t have time to acknowledge other people on the subway because I have to look at my emails” or “it seems weird to connect to other people I don’t really know.”  Sometimes we can make up the excuse, “I don’t have the time.”  I don’t have the time, I believe, is a popular reason for people to use not to meditate although they want to.   Meditation leads to a practice of self awareness and compassion for one self.  It is an Act of Kindness to yourself.  Or we don’t begin a new project or endeavor, like meditation, because we say, “another Time.”

What if you don’t believe these Acts of Kindness have value?

Somethings in life are beyond belief and need to be directly experienced.

Take a few seconds out of your day for the next month to be kind and hold the door for someone, or smiling at someone genuinely.

Or take 5 minutes for yourself to watch what your thinking observing and feeling without judging; replace judgment with curiosity and wonder.

Remember to return to your breath; breathing is a gift.

Don’t expect anything in return; but come with a desire to create more beauty in unexpected ways.

What value do you see that you have created?

Do you even believe yourself?