There is an old chinese curse, may you live in interesting times.  We are definitely living in interesting times and it’s not really a secret anymore how interesting they are.  There are facts, and now alternative facts.  Buckminster Fuller came up with the theory of the Knowledge Doubling curve.  How human information changes from linear growth to exponential growth at some point in time.  With social media and 24/7 news cycles we are bombarded by information and probably have passed the exponential growth point.  We are in a stage where new information can be upsetting and cognitive dissonance has run amok in those people whom have been unable to assimilate or process the new information.  To the people who are afraid of new information, and there are lot of them, alternative facts are true.

Astrologically we are on the cusp of a transition from the sign Pisces to Aquarius.  There are many ways to measure this and the date is not always accurate so I don’t know if or when this transition is happening or if it has already happened.  Regardless, we can sense some big changes are happening.

In President Obama’s farewell address he said “we have a tough time figuring out what’s true vs. what’s not true.”

That’s why the tool of synthesis will be important in the age of dissonance.  Instead of trying to out fact check anyone, or get information .5 seconds faster than anyone (that technology is worth a lot on wall street and silicon valley btw). In some instances arguing with someone who does not have your level of consciousness, social worldview or comprehension does not make sense. Arguing with some people would be like jumping into a gorilla cage and expecting to be nurtured by the gorilla. It’s a good way to end up on Youtube, but not for the best reasons.

Synthesis is the idea of taking two seemingly contrasting ideas and extracting the truth from each one in order to arrive at a greater truth and understanding of the whole picture.

In a Justice League graphic novel by Grant Morrison synthesis occured through the following story.  The Green Lantern, and Captain Marvel, the two heros went into a higher reality where there was a war between the colors red and blue that was disrupting life on Earth.  At first the Green Lantern and Captain Marvel got sucked into the duality red vs blue and quickly realized that in picking a side everyone loses.  The Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner, was a trained artist and knew that if you combined Red and Blue you get Purple.  In the story resolution was achieved when both sides were heard in the highest court of law in this alternate dimension and synthesis is achieved.  The Red camp and the Blue camp could become purple. 

In Astrological synthesis, certain aspects transits or sometimes people can activate a polarity where greater unity has the opportunity to be achieved.  For example, one of the best synastry aspects for a married couple is when each partner’s suns are in opposition.  An opposition is an aspect that creates a confrontation that can lead to a resolution.  In marriage the resolution is a) we work this out because we love each other lets try something new, b) we cant work this out but I love you and I will accept this c) we cant work this out and we should not be in this relationship anymore or d) we dont work this out and we keep fighting until we are forced to choose option a, b or c.  Intuitively, this makes sense because married couples need some confrontation with each other in order to grow or things get stale.  For example. a Leo needs an Aquarius partner to remind the Leo to let someone else get a turn to shine.  And the Aquarius needs the Leo to push the Aquarius sun in the spotlight and remind them they matter in the play of life as well.  

What kind of beauty can come from synthesis?

Well we all like to eat.  When I was growing up in Queens I remember you would get made fun of for smelling like curry.  I never understood why, but it made me afraid of trying Indian food until I did.  BTW Indian Food is delicious.

Lets say a married couple is fighting over whose mother’s cooking is is better, let’s say Italian and Indian food in this example.  Each couple combines ingredients and flavors and the best elements of each process of each parents cooking in order to come up a new family recipe.  They will realize that there is not much difference between a solid marinara sauce and a makhni.  The key is finding the similarities instead of fighting over the differences.  In the case of this dish, it would be what’s better Tumeric or Basil?  The process is the same but there a few different ingredients that require personal taste(Tumeric vs. Basil) but both sauces are tomato based.   In the restaurant world they would call this Indian-Italian fusion.  I don’t think there is an Indian-Italian fusion restaurant but if someone opened one up in Brooklyn, they would make a fortune because it doesn’t exist. I would personally love to try a makhni chic pea pasta.  But when we apply this concept internally through the vehicle of confrontations in our life we are fusing ourselves with things we may not initially like into a higher more harmonious creative expression of ourselves.