The moon will go full 5/10/2017 at 5:42 PM.
The Full Moon in Taurus is a high point during the spiritual year. Like Easter, occurs the Sunday after the Aries Full Moon represents the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ; the Wesak holiday celebrates the birth, death and enlightenment of Lord Buddha.  Full moons are when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition with one another.  Full moons symbolize a manifestation of an invisible impulse or seed that was planted at the new moon.  At the Full Moon, we become aware of the fruits of our labor the past 14 days through a direct confrontation or revelation.  It is taught in the Bible that “What you sow; you shall reap”, or “as a man thinks in his heart, so he is”.  These instructions guide us towards the importance of our “inner world”.  These lunation cycles are integral living lessons on how our thoughts emotions and choices create our reality.

The Moon symbolizes or “points to” the unconscious.  Whereas the Sun symbolically, and literally, represents a giant light.  If our actions in the realm of the Sun don’t match up to our concealed Lunar thoughts, needs or longings an inner rift is created and will appear in the world as a conflict.  The purpose of this unpleasant outer world experience, is to ultimately guide us towards a confrontation with the hidden side of our human nature.

The Moon is in Scorpio a sign of fixed water.  Fixed water behaves like stagnant water.  While the Sun is in Taurus a sign of fixed earth.  Fixed earth behaves like an unpolished raw block of granite.  The Sun represents the divine light of illumination that energizes all of us.  The Moon represents a cradle to nurture and give birth to life on earth inseminated by a drop of light from the Sun.

Accumulations of large amounts of stagnant water are classified as wetlands, marshes or swamps.  With some poetic license we can derive that swamps symbolize Scorpio.  Usually mosquito’s, parasites and bacteria live in swamps.  Swamps are also home to the hidden predators such as alligators, crocodiles and snakes.  Being in a swamp for a prolonged period of time one can “lose their shit” literally; do not drink stagnant water.  During storms floods and other conditions that create rising tides, these wetlands absorb and soak up the excess water like sponges to preserve the lush Taurus landscape from flooding.  Before Hurricane Katrina the US govt drained the wetlands around New Orleans and left the city vulnerable.

Both cows (Taurus is symbolized by the bull) and swamps (Scorpio) create flatulence with a high content of methane gas.  They both digest and process rotting matter of the earth and release it into the air.  The swamps have less harmful methane impact to the ozone because sphagnum moss that grows in the wetlands has the “good kind” of bacteria that processes the methane.

Fun fact Cow manure is a potent antibacterial incense and is potent at warding off “bad spirits”.

During the next few days we will be tested to cooperate with or be used by the swampy intensity.   Whatever hidden feelings, resentment or secrets that have been percolating underneath the surface may come out in some verbal methane burst.  We just need to find our ground and use this burst to create something tangible and of value.

Here is some mental framework to guide you.

Taurus and Scorpio relate to self-worth and transformation, respectively.  When we release self destructive feelings or thoughts about ourselves we have the potential to transform.  Transformation involves an awareness a death, an acceptance and a period of waiting for a rebirth or renewal.  If we follow this process of death and rebirth we have the potential to come out the other side with improved self worth.  Self worth is a necessary key towards comfort and success in the world.  Feeling better about ourselves leads to greater income earning potential, improved relationship ability and access to better quality of choices in life.  It is no coincidence that most lottery winners go broke because they do not feel rich and create reasons to squander their wealth.

Having an open heart felt conversation with someone is wonderful and timeless healing technique to discover and begin the process to release buried feelings.  For the Astrology enthusiasts out there, keep in mind that Gemini the sign of hands, lungs, and communication is the 8th house (8 is the Scorpion’s zodiacal address) from Scorpio.  Scorpio is also the sign of the psychologist and psychotherapist.  Releasing some secrets take surgical precision, like lancing an infected pustule.  Proper technique must be performed or the wound may become infected again.  A trained professional is sometimes necessary, but the first step is sometimes a friendly conversation.

When an infected pustule pops sometimes it can smell.  This is a colorful metaphor similar to sharing a “dirty” secret.  The rule of Scorpionic transformation is there is no shame in the process of transformation.  If there is a genuine desire for healing and transformation you are honored like a brave warrior.  Plato said, don’t discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow.

Through some sort of misunderstanding of our basic human nature we have forgotten that releasing our “stagnant water” helps us breathe easier.  We may have been conditioned to be shameful of our own natures.  For example, I grew up like most kids afraid to poop in school.  I also notice some people apologize when they are about to cry or emote.  Whereas our human organisms function best when this “stagnant water” is released.  This leads to healing for not only you but everyone around you.  Scorpio is a sign of shared resources and Taurus is a sign of personal resources.  If I breathe easier, you will breathe easier.  We all share the same oxygen.