Astrology as a tool for soul searching

I serve artists, entrepreneurs, leaders of thought and industry, and all those searching for clarity guidance direction and inspiration during tumultuous times.  It’s a joy to guide you towards your “inner source of inspiration”, the real you, that connects to the whole.  The Soul.

In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna says to his disciple Arjuna on the middle of a battlefield, “with a single fragment of myself I pervade and support this whole Universe.”  The Soul, our Soul, my Soul are fragments of a bigger creative force.  This creative force is self organizing and knows itself not to be separate from life.  The Soul in each and everyone of us is all inclusive, healing and effortlessly creative.  We just have to remember what we are, and forget what we are not.

When those who inspire people learn how to tell their story more authentically—from the depths of the Soul, this inspires others to become more whole.  Wholeness creates more beauty, joy, goodness, righteousness and freedom.  Sharing our story towards wholeness with other people is our superpower.  When others hear the song of the heart ring out, their hears shout, “oh me too!”

An astrology chart can help guide you towards your True Self/Soul.  Being aware of our nature, gifts, weaknesses, is a huge step towards finding our True Self, the Soul.  

Arjuna and Krishna

Arjuna and Krishna

My intention

I will provide guidance towards your true purpose and away from any habitual or instinctive tendencies  that keep you stuck in the past.  Sometimes to get to where you need to go in life, we  need to hear, feel or experience something we don’t want to.  Habitual patterns are comfortable ways of being, that sometimes block and get in the way of our true direction.  These habitual patterns could be a physical actions,ideas, opinions, beliefs, or desires.

It is my responsibility to read your chart at the moment that you come to see me and it is my intention to tell you what you need to hear but may not always want to hear.  Finally, I intend to inspire you with new gifts and knowledge of yourself that you may have not known are there.  

Natal Chart Reading – 60 Minutes

I will study your natal chart, and come into our consultation with an understanding of the gifts and challenges present in your chart. We will have a conversation and to discuss how the gifts and challenges work in your life and provide guidance through the natal map.

Natal Chart Reading – $150

Year Ahead Transit – 90 Minutes

In addition to the 60 minute reading, I will do a detailed study of transits eclipses and progressions to determine critical points for at least one year ahead.  We will discuss the timing of your transits with what is going on in your life and can give you the highlights of your year with detailed dates of heightened astrological activity.

Year Ahead Transits – $200

Synastry / Couples Reading – 90 Minutes

I will read the charts of you and your partner (romantic or business).  This reading will be done in three parts.  Where I read for both individuals separately in two 60 minute readings along with one session together to read how  the charts work in a relationship and have a conversation about the charts with what occurs within the relationship dynamics.

Synastry / Couples Reading – $275

30 and 60 minute quick astrology and tarot consultations

In a quick consultation the difference lies in the preparation.  This offering is intended to serve younger audiences who would walk into a metaphysical or occult bookstore seeking deeper wisdom to life’s challenges.  I recommend these consultations for those who don’t know their birth time, prefer a tarot reading or with financial limitations.  These are only available on a limited basis.

30 Minute Walk-in Reading – $60

60 Minute Walk-in Reading – $100

Electional Astrology

With the tool of electional astrology, I will help you advise you  when it is best for an activity to be started.  Some examples i.e., when to Incorporate or organize an LLC, when to submit a job application, when to begin a Kickstarter campaign, when to submit your resignation, when is the best time to launch my new marketing campaign, what is the best day and time to begin my yoga retreat, when to get married (or propose marriage), etc.  These are just a few actions we can “elect” an astrology chart for.

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Consulting Assignments

I am currently available for longer term consulting engagements. 

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I am currently available to speak or read at private or public functions.  If you are interested in me doing Astrology or Tarot Readings or speaking at your function, please email [enter email address here] to begin a collaborative conversation.  Pricing will depend on your needs.

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